Bilingual Nanny Services

If you have or want multiple languages spoken in your home, you may be interested in a bilingual nanny for your child. We offer bilingual nannies who are fluent in at least two languages, and will be able to speak with and take care of your child in either.

Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, and Mandarin are a few of the most common requests we get for bilingual nannies, but we will undoubtedly be able to connect you with an experienced nanny that will meet whatever your language needs may be.

What can I expect from my bilingual nanny?

Bilingual nannies’ duties are similar to those of any other full-time nanny that we provide. That means your nanny will take care your child’s nursery needs, helping out with feeding, clothing, and providing interesting activities and games for the child to play. The bilingual nanny will also, however, put a special emphasis on language-learning, working to ensure that your child is developing fluency from a young age in multiple languages.

In terms of organizational tasks, the bilingual nanny will help care for your child’s room, making sure it is safe and well-organized at all times. She will help organize social events and “playdates” for your child with their friends or whoever else the child usually spends quality time with.

Please note that you should not expect your bilingual nanny to commit their time to household chores unrelated to child care, nor to any activities that may be physically demanding beyond their capacity to participate.

What are my options for bilingual nanny service?

You can either choose to have your bilingual nanny watch over your children on their own while you are at work, or in coordination with you or a trusted guardian. As mentioned above, you can choose your nanny based on the languages you would like to have spoken with your child. We offer almost any language, but contact us if you would like information about our bilingual nannies.

What should I expect to pay for a bilingual nanny?

Bilingual nannies do not charge any differently than our normal full-time nannies. £10 to £12 per hour is considered normal compensation for a nanny and most full-time bilingual nannies will work 24 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.

What about holidays for my nanny?

Bilingual nannies, like all nannies, are entitled to four weeks of paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays. The holiday dates are subject to negotiation between you and the nanny, and can be planned around both you and your nanny’s schedules to make sure everyone agrees on an appropriate timetable.

What are my responsibilities as a bilingual nanny’s employer?

As the employer, you are responsible for your bilingual nanny’s accommodation, for providing her with food, and of course her salary on a reliable basis. Employers are also responsible for paying the “nanny tax” and providing national insurance for your bilingual nanny.

We have bilingual nannies available in the following countries:

UAE / Cairo / Paris / Milan / Rome / Dubai / Madrid / Jeddah / Jordan / Turkey / Geneva / Chelsea / Moscow / Bermuda / Caribbean / Barcelona / Abu Dhabi / Riyadh / Kuwait / Kensington / Switzerland / Knightsbridge / Regents Park / Cayman Islands / Ankara / Istanbul / London nannies / Chiswick / Islington /Hampstead / Holland park / Marylebone and more.