Daily nanny services

What’s a daily nanny?

Daily nanny services are designed to look out for your children during the daytime when you are at work or caught up with other engagements. A daily nanny will provide childcare during normal working hours (either part-time or full-time) but will not take up residence in your home. In most cases, a full-time daily nanny will work 10 hrs per day (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.) or part-time (hours subject to negotiation based on your needs).

What are a daily nanny’s responsibilities?

Our daily nanny services deliver the same high-quality childcare as our normal live-in nanny service, the only difference being that your nanny will not reside with you in your home. Usually, our nannies work either in tandem with a parent, or one-on-one with the children if both you and your spouse are unavailable. Specifically, your daily nanny will help with the following:

  • Bathing the children, helping clothe them, preparing meals, and other nursery duties.
  • Helping keep the child maintain the cleanliness of their room and the house, organizing toys and games, ensuring the safety of the child at all times, and setting up social activities with playmates.
  • Coming up with fun, interactive activities that make sure the child is both entertained and having a productive, richly developmental day. Arts and crafts, board games, word games, and songs are just a few of examples of what our experienced daily nannies will have to offer.

Please note that the nanny is not responsible for any chores or household duties not specific to the child’s needs. Heavy lifting, extensive cleaning of the home, and similar tasks should not be included in the nanny’s contract.

What are wages like for daily nannies?

Wages for daily nannies vary greatly, and are subject to negotiation between the nanny and the parents. That being said, we usually quote £500 per week as the estimated minimum that nanny’s working in Central London expect to be paid. More experienced nannies will generally charge higher rates, but again, all wages will ultimately be worked out between you and your nanny.

Holidays for Your Daily Nanny

Daily nannies are entitled to four weeks of paid holiday leave per year, at minimum. The timing of holidays for daily nannies should also be negotiated in advance, and very often compromises are made as to whether you or the nanny selects which weeks they will take off. We suggest offering to split the scheduling rights in half, so that the nanny chooses two weeks and you choose two weeks for them to take as holiday.

If you take the nanny on a family trip, their wage will need to be provided as well as any travel, accommodation, and food expenses.

What Are my Responsibilities to my Daily Nanny?

As mentioned above, providing regular wages and travel expenses is required if you’re taking your nanny on holiday. You are also responsible for providing the nanny with lunch on a normal workday and breakfast/dinner if they work overtime.