Holiday nanny

Extra Childcare during Family Holidays

One of the most common needs among our customers has been child care service during the holiday season. Whether you need someone to care for your children while you yourself are away on holiday, or you’d like a nanny to come with you and help with the kids, our holiday nannies have you covered.

Our holiday nanny service can be tailored to fit our clients’ needs:

  • Nannies for school holiday
  • Nannies for holiday abroad
  • Holiday nannies in London and around the UK
  • Nannies for ski trips

Nannies for School Holiday

If you need help during those school holidays that your children have off but you don’t, we can help. Whether the holiday is for a week, a few days, or just one day, our staff of holiday nannies are willing and able to providing last-minute, dependable child care for just such occasions.

Our holiday nannies also work with children to make productive use of their time off, helping them with homework, projects, or whatever other school-related tasks they may be assigned during the break.

The summertime is one of the most demanding holiday period for parents, as the extended break from school can be difficult to balance with your own full work schedule. We understand. That’s why we offer broad and varied services during the summer months to help make summer stimulating and productive for your child, and a little more fun for you as well.

Nannies for Holiday Abroad

If you need a hand during a holiday family trip, why not look into hiring someone to help out? Our nannies are available to travel with you to your destination, help look after the kids, and make sure that you get the holiday relaxation you’re looking for.

If you’ll be staying in accommodations with multiple rooms, for example, renting out one of them for your holiday nanny is an unobtrusive way of making sure you have some child care assistance on hand at any time during your time off.

Holiday nannies in London and around the UK

If you’re a London resident looking for a holiday nanny in the London city area, contact us and we will you put you in touch with our London Nanny Services. We’ve found that it can be difficult to get service in urban areas, but if you come to us we’ll find you an experienced, certified nanny specific to your needs in no time at all.

Nannies for ski trips

If you’re looking for someone to watch over your child while you enjoy yourself on the slopes, or help take care of them as they learnt to ski themselves, bringing one of our nannies on a family ski trip might be a great idea. We’ve heard countless reports of families and nannies having a great time together on these trips, and it really helps to know your child is safe and supervised while you take off into the mountains.

What’s the difference between a holiday nanny and a regular nanny?

No difference at all! Holiday nannies are the same highly-vetted professionals that we provide for our other services–the only difference is that they’re specifically available for the busiest time of the year: the holiday season.

Can my holiday nanny come with me on a trip?

As is the case with all trips involving your nanny, you are more than welcome to bring your holiday nanny along for assistance on a family trip, as long as normal weekly compensation and food, accommodation, and travel expenses are provided for.

What are the wages for holiday nannies?

Holiday nannies generally charge £100-£125 per day.

Holiday nannies are available for both short and long-term jobs, so please feel free to contact us if you are need of some child care assistance this holiday season.