Maternity nurse

As a company having 25 years of experience providing professional childcare, our maternity nurses will have extensive experience in the care of new born babies. Some maternity nurses may have experience in the care twins or even triplets. The maternity nurse will usually live with a family for several weeks and her time will be completely dedicated to the care of your baby and giving help and advice to a mother following the birth. They will also help to establish a routine and create a calm atmosphere for the family. Every situation is very different to the next and a maternity nurse will offer as much hands on help that is needed. A maternity nurse usually works 6 days a week, but the number of days varies a bit depending on the need.

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A maternity nurse will devote all of her time and energy to you and your newborn. A maternity nurse’s utmost priority is to ensure that you and your newborn are healthy and comfortable. She will take the reins following your baby’s birth and monitor the baby at all hours. She will also offer guidance and support on newborn care.

We have exceptionally high standards when it comes to selecting maternity nurses to join our team. All of our maternity nurses are experienced, responsible, and trustworthy individuals with the highest degree of maturity, professionalism, and commitment. Our maternity nurses are required to have at least 2 years of paid experience in this field (many have decades of experience), and they must possess a enhanced CRB check. It’s our utmost priority to provide the best maternity nurse you and your family could ever hope for.

A maternity nurse’s duties

A maternity nurse normally works up to 24/6 for up to 12 weeks following the birth of your baby. Your maternity nurse is expected to take on many duties in order to settle you at home, reassure and guide you, and integrate the new baby into the family. Some duties may include:

  • Monitoring the baby at all hours
  • Tending to the baby at night
  • Sterilizing the bottle
  • Bathing your baby
  • Preparing the nursery
  • Assist in nursing/breastfeeding
  • Offer invaluable advice, guidance, and support on newborn care

In a nutshell, a maternity nurse is there to help you transition to life with your newborn and meet your emotional and physical requirements following the birth of your baby. The maternity nurse is supposed to offer support until both you and your baby are settled into a routine at home.

Specialized maternity nurses

Some maternity nurses specialize in a certain area, such as multiple births, premature births, postpartum depression. If you’re looking for a maternity nurse with a specialized set of skills and qualifications to provide the best type of care you and your newborn need, we will be more than happy to find a maternity nurse who fits all of your requirements. We understand how important it is to have the right person guide and comfort you during this sensitive time in your life.

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