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Here at UK and International Nannies, we understand the importance of finding your ideal childcare solution.

Whether you are looking for a full-time nanny in London, a maternity nurse in Paris, or a live-in Governess in Dubai, you can now rest assured that you have come to the right agency as we make successful placements across London, the UK and Internationally. Whatever form of domestic childcare you are looking for, we recruit top staff for those positions.

If you are not quite sure exactly where your needs fit and the type of care you are looking for, please do read our information below as we will endeavour to explain the different types of childcare. Alternatively please do call us for a no-obligation chat about your childcare needs or fill out or parent’s registration form.

A nanny is someone who will dedicate themselves fully to the care of your children. They will be very experienced and will often have a childcare qualification. They will either be a live-out nanny or a live-in nanny. Days and hours of work do vary according to the needs of parents and nannies can be really flexible, although the usual hours for a live-in nanny are roughly 10-12 per day and a live-out nanny will usually work roughly 12-11 hours per day. Many nannies are happy to work on a part-time basis if necessary. Alongside the usual childcare duties, nannies are happy to undertake general nursery duties including cooking healthy meals for the children in their care, children’s washing and ironing and keeping the children’s rooms and equipment clean and tidy.

Our Nanny Services

Mother’s Help

The title pretty much speaks for itself. A mother’s help will usually work alongside a parent and will assist with childcare and light household duties. They are often either newly qualified nannies or may have several years experience, but all will have some childcare experience. Once again, mother’s helps will be either on a live-in or live-out basis and will work roughly 10 hours per day, a little longer if live-in.

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Maternity Nurse

A maternity nurse usually works 6 days a week. A maternity nurse is someone with vast experience of caring for newborn babies and the postnatal care of the mother. They will assist and advise on all aspects of newborn care, including breastfeeding, routines and sleep patterns. Many maternity nurses will have undertaken courses relating to their work and will usually pursue a career solely as a maternity nurse or night nanny.

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Live In Nanny

A Live in nanny lives with your family and is available 6 days a week. She is responsible from preparing meals to taking children to school, as well as arranging extracurricular activities. We have very high standards for choosing live in nannies, and all of our available childcare staff are highly experienced and professional.

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Daily Nanny

Our daily nannies look after children during daytime when our clients are busy at work or caught up with ad hoc engagements, but don’t take up residence. The working hours of a daily nanny ranges between 8 to 10 hours per workday, from Monday through Friday.

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